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Grilled Scallops with Cheese + Gambas al Ajillo

I have just been to the ‘Seomun Night Market’, which I heard only by words. It is said to be the largest in the nation among the night markets. The shops are really lined up several hundred meters long.

There were many different kinds of food in the night market without having the same menu. However, there were places that were long and short. As soon as the front gate of the night market opened at the store selling grilled scallop cheese, people were standing in a long line.

Next to the store was a barrel full of scallops. After scalloping, steam in a steamer and steam cheese and sauce on the iron plate, grill the scallops and start to melt the cheese.

After spreading the sauce with the cheese, the gorgeous fire show of the president of the prefecture night market Bakga seafood rice cake steamer started. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen the scallop cooked very delicious. On one side of the iron plate, shrimp were also being cooked.

Scallop Teppan-yaki grilled is all finished. There are two scallops and about seven scallops. Other blogs seemed to be 5900 won before, but the price went up to 6900 won.

I can not say that the pungent rain is good, but the scallops are served with shrimp on the scallops and a delicious sauce on top. I could understand why they stood up and tasted what everyone ate.

If you are visiting, please try “Grilled Scallops with Cheese” in Seomun Night Market . ^^ You can see a video of scallop cheese grilled in the image below.

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