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Grilled Hagfish – awesome Korean Food

I ate the eel several times, but I never ate it as pure as the eel without any seasoning, so I went to eat it because I was curious about its taste. When I searched it, I found out that this place was a delicious place.

In conclusion, I had a very good meal. Other side dishes were delicious, and the boss was kind. One member of the group said it was a bit greasy, but I didn’t feel greasy at all. It was delicious just to eat, and it was delicious to eat with sesame leaves and ssamjang.

The correct expression of the gimmick……the standard word is ‘eating eel’. They call this black eel in the Gyeongsangnam-do and Busan-do regions in a dialect. But I think the eel tastes better.lol

You can see the eel catching at the Anyang Toad and back ribs eel shop, and ripening on charcoal fire.

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