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famous Macau Street Food – Phoenix Egg Roll with Pork Floss / Koi Kei Bakery

When you go on a trip to Hong Kong, Macau, which is close to Hong Kong, is almost always an essential visit. Macau is China, but it was a Portuguese territory for a long time and it is still the Special Administrative Region of China. (Macau became a Portuguese colony in 1888 and was transferred to the People’s Republic of China on December 20, 1999)

So, the culture of China and Portugal is concerted, and there are many unique things to see and eat. The number of casinos is also number one in the world, so many tourists will find them.

When you go on a Macau trip, there is a yellow shopping bag with travelers holding one by one. That’s Macau’s signature specialty bakery Koi Kei Bakery bag.

There are so many kinds of cookies in the Koi kei Bakery. The most famous and popular among them are ‘Almond Cookies’ and ‘Egg Rolls’. I was both burdened with the fraud and burdened, so I bought a box of egg rolls after seeing it directly. It was HK $ 82, so it would be about $ 10.

They were making cookies directly in front of the store because of the image of handmade cookies. The process was simple, but it was impressive and funny to make an egg roll using rolling two spikelets.

The Koi kei bakery says it has 80 years of history. It is so famous that there are many shops in Macau, especially in Hong Kong. There seem to be several places 🙂 Koi Kei Bakery in English or 鉅記手信 in Chinese If you see this letter ah! You can think of it as Koi kei Bakery.

A set of yellow shopping bags with Macau Koi kei Bakery Egg Rolls and a bag of Egg rolls in them. It looks like this. 🙂 The transparent plastic inside the green paper box prevents the cake from being damaged.

If you are traveling to Hong Kong or traveling to Macau, you are strongly recommended to purchase sweets from the Macau Koi kei Bakery. It was good to eat as a snack, and as a gift. The most famous thing is almond cookies and egg rolls.

Below you can see the funny videos of making egg rolls.

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