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delicious EGG DROP Avocado Sandwich – Korean Street Food

A month or two ago I came across a sandwich called Egg Drop. I was not around the house or company, so I was supposed to go once a few days ago.

When I did an internet search, the store size, structure and form were slightly different for each store. What is common is that they use kiosk unattended payment systems. It was not difficult because it was touch-based. I ordered ‘avoholic’ and ‘bacon double cheese’.

Recently, MBC Everyday Entertainment program ‘Come and Korea is the first time’ my Swedish friends ate this sandwich. I watched the scene where Victor was eating avocado. ㅋ It seemed to be the Gwanghwamun D Tower which I went to on the air, but I went before the broadcast, but the broadcast was probably ahead of me.

Egg drop If sandwich is the biggest difference with other sandwich and toast, I would like bread (egg) and egg (egg scramble). The size of the bread is a little smaller than normal bread, and instead it is slightly thicker. Another feature is that the bread is not cut to the end and the bottom part is attached. And the egg is cooked on the iron plate for a while. So it is very soft and delicious.

Taste is so subjective that people will have different evaluations. Egg drop called EGG DROP sandwich called American egg sandwich specialty was very good to me.

I have not tasted any other flavors, but both Avoholic and bacon double cheese are delicious. The flavor of the mouth was better than the toast, but it was a little simpler to taste, and the texture of bread and eggs was good. Come and Korea is the first time, my Swedish friends eat Egg Drop ‘s avocado sandwich.

In the below, you can see video of egg drop avocado sandwich.

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