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Deep Fried Pig Intestines – Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination all over the world. Especially, you can not miss delicious food in Hong Kong trip.

Hong Kong’s famous Temple Night Market, where many locals and tourists flock to the sunshine, is also a must.

Temple Street Night Market is said to be named Temple Street Night Market due to the ‘Tinhua’ temple in the center of the main road.

The Tinh Ha Temple has a distinctive Hong Kong unique atmosphere, which has become the backdrop for many films.

I ate dinner with spicy crap, fried rice, and beer in a restaurant in the market for dinner, and found a shop while watching the market.

I enjoy trying local food as much as possible when I go on a trip. So I guess this shop was attracted.

I chose the “Deep Fried Pig Intestines (炸大腸)”, which is the most intense of all visuals. I was wondering what the taste of this food really is. How does it look like a shit? It looks the same. 🙂

Other tourists beside me who ate this food before me got a little impression after eating a bite. Then she spit out her mouth. So I tasted carefully and carefully.

It was not enough to say ‘it is really delicious’, but it was okay and I could eat it. If feel a little greasy, be much better.

However, I guess these experiences are the attraction of traveling.

You do not need to eat this food, but if you are traveling to Hong Kong, I recommend you to visit Temple Street Night Market.

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