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Amazing Street Restaurant, Oi Man Sang – Hong Kong Street Food

The Sham Shui Po area in Hong Kong is a neighborhood where there are many old things that are somewhat distant from the splendor. So it seems that there are many cheap and delicious restaurants. One of the great things about free travel is going to a local restaurant where local people like this local place are very popular.

Dai pai dong in Hong Kong’s Sham Shui Po area Oi Man Sang is quite famous in this neighborhood. The kitchen is on the street and the seats are on the street. The shop is not only on the street, but also on the first floor of the building. I wonder if it has expanded by earning a lot of money.

Oi Man Sang was introduced to the street food fighter Hong Kong of Baek Jong-won. Baek Jong-won had a delicious beef potato stir-fry.

It is one of the few places in Hong Kong that is located in the Dai Pai dong. Daipi-dong is an open-air restaurant in the form of a stall at night, which was born in the 1950s. It is also listed in the Oxford English Dictionary and is considered one of the precious legacies of Hong Kong culture.

It is a good place to experience the culture of Daipi-dong and it is a place that locals are looking for. There are so many guests, there are not enough places to wait, but the turnover is so good that it does not wait long. You can wait a little longer on Fridays or weekends.

The roles are shared by all those who work. Those who clean the seafood materials, those who clean the vegetables, those who cook hard with the wok, those who order from the shop, check the vacancy by CCTV, etc.

Especially, it was very fun to watch the scene of cooking in the kitchen which is exposed in the street. It is very impressive to see that the soul is going to run out even if it is only for 30 minutes, Oi Man Sang is full of local atmosphere.

We ordered fried rice, stir fried bean jam, stir fried beef potatoes .. I ordered three kinds of menus and beer. I was all very tasty. Especially!! The taste of Stir-fried Beef Fillet & Potatoes in Black Pepper Sauce made me admire. It was very good to eat with beer.

Oi Man Sang is a perfect addition to those who want to enjoy the local atmosphere at ‘Dai pai dong’ as well as restaurants that are open to the public.

You can see a cooking video of Oi Man Sang, a street restaurant in Hong Kong Sham Shui Po area.

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