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Amazing $1 Toast, Dongmyo Market – Korean Street Food

Even though I live in Seoul, I have never visited the Hwanghak-dong Folk-Market Flea Market. So I went out on a weekend. There are so many people on the weekend. There were a lot of elderly people in particular. Still, the young people were more than I thought.

There are many things in clothes market, electronics, old records, books and various household goods. When you see the market, you can not miss what you can eat. The most striking store was the one-thousand-won toast house. It was also fun to see the cheaper prices and the way to make toast on the big iron plate.

Bread the bread on the iron plate, put a patty that looks like a pre-mixed egg and vegetable on the side, cover it with ketchup and sugar and cover it with other bread! ㅎㅎ Nowadays, there are a lot of delicious high-quality toasts so you may seem a little sad, but the price is cheap and it is also old style because it is old style.

It is the toast which it is good to eat when we go out for shopping in the homage relief market and go out a little. I also sell vegmille at a toast shop. There are many things to eat at the flea market but I think it is the street food that you can enjoy the most casually.

Below you can watch videos of Hwanghak-dong flea market toast.

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