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49years Old Original GwangJang Market Egg Toast

The GwangJang Market is Korea’s first permanent market with a history of about 100 years. It is located in the center of Seoul as a synonym for the traditional market in the city, and it is also a place where many tourists from home and abroad are visiting.

A market place full of various food and restaurants. The delicious shop in the GwangJang Market does not have only Raw Beef Sashimi, Bindaetteok (Mung Bean Pancake), Mayak Gimbap. The ‘GwangJang Toast’, a traditional 49-year-old tradition, is also famous for its taste in the GwangJang Market.

There are so many shops in the GwangJang Market that it may be hard to find. Shop locations are easy to find by number. It is ‘East B23’.

Seo Jang-hoon and Jung Hyung-don’s TV show ‘Here GO’ is a square toast that is one of the top picks for Donnie Picks in a brunch shop.

Even today, with its high quality toast, it still retains its old style.

Egg water and margarine bread … and sugar and ketchup are not much different from traditional old-style toast. I do not know whether it is because of the subtle difference in baking bread because of the blend, but it is definitely delicious.

They also sell beverages like coffee, sikhye, and banana milk, so it would be better to eat together. I ate lunch before that and did not eat anything else.

And asking you to put both sugar and ketchup. If you do not want to put sugar, ask for it. I put them all together. 🙂

The price is about $ 1.3. If you are visiting the GwangJang Market, try it once. It sticks to the mouth very.

Below you can see a video of making ‘GwangJang Toast’.

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  1. It’s so hard to find this cake in other country,even in asia

  2. how much the price of the egg toast?

  3. how was the egg toast taste?

  4. good post! what is the main reason you write this on your blog?

    • I created this site to promote my YouTube channel and earn additional AdSense. However, because of my focus on YouTube channels, this site has been neglected.

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